Finding yourself; Follow your heart

I contemplated for a while on what I wanted to write for my first post since relaunching my blog. You know what though, there’s already so many beauty & fashion blogs out there, my input will only be such small fraction of the beauty community. Lets talk about something with more content for my first post coming back. A more meaningful piece.

I can’t stress enough on this.. Finding yourself. Many people go through a rollercoaster of emotions. Sometimes, it’s okay to be alone. When you’re not afraid of being alone, that’s when you’ve won against the demon inside of you. The truth is, we all have a demon inside of us. Like wise, when there’s a demon, you’ll also find an angel.

I’m not going to lie, I’m still in the process of finding myself. Can someone really say they found themselves though? I don’t think so. If you’re that person, then I’m proud of you. But what is there more in life?

Do you believe in finding yourself? Or do you think the second you were brought into this world, everything was already set for you. I strongly believe, that we are our own writers of our story. We each have our own path. Are we strong enough to walk till the end? I don’t know honestly. Every day is a lesson.

Work, family, relationships, education and much more. These are all subjects in life that we need to study on.

Its really up to ourselves to fight for our own future. Never blame anyone for any failures. Because failures is just the road to sucess. If we all were given  a guideline, we’ll all just be factory made products. Lifeless.

Find yourself, then you’ll find happiness. Learn to love yourself. If you can’t even love yourself, who will.

In the process of this road, follow your heart. No matter how much your brain tells you no, if your heart say yes, go for it. That’s what I believe in.

What you feel, your actions, all that’s within you, makes a difference.

What do you believe in?



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