Having Awareness

I read a book before about having awareness. When we understand and is aware of our surroundings, that’s when we’re awake. But not a lot of people have that privilege to begin with. Its all about practice. For most part – We’re all sleeping. Even when we’re up and about, our soul, our minds are still sleeping. We may think we understand life, but that could just be an illusion in our head.

Having awareness, is a step to waking up.

When you see someone smiling and laughing on the streets, that doesn’t mean they’re happy. When you see a girl, or guy, post photos of them on the internet, it doesn’t mean they’re happy with how they look. Never judge a book by its cover. And you know what, we may never truly understand someone, or even ourselves.

When someone compliments you with “Oh you look nice today!” or “Wow you did such a great job!” That doesn’t mean you in fact, look nice or did a great job. That is their own opinion on you, that day. When the same person doesn’t compliment you the next day, you’ll start feeling bad about yourself and wonder, Am I not good enough today?

We don’t need compliments to determine our own worth or ability. When you’re aware of that, that’s another step towards happiness.

Another example;

You’re the only person in your group of friends that is single. That doesn’t mean you should strive to find someone and be in a relationship. The simple surroundings can easily manipulate your mind into wanting something that you didn’t even want in the first place.

Again, be aware. There are many things around you that can cloud up your mind. However, when you focus on the right angles, you’ll be able to see more clearly.


When you look at this photo, what do you see?

I see a mask. A mask I painted colors onto so I can leave my room. I, like most people, is struggling to process with life. Reading books may expand my intelligence on a few topics, but to actually follow what I’ve learnt is the difficult part.

I still feel good when someone compliments me, on my work, my appearance and such. I shouldn’t though. We all shouldn’t. They are just words. An opinion. When we’re aware of that, we’ll be happier in the long run. What happens when someone says something bad about you, you’ll feel sad right? Likewise, we shouldn’t!

We rely so much on opinions of other people, we neglected ourselves completely. We’re sleep walking through our lives without even knowing.

This is all just one small part of reaching a stage in life where we find happiness within ourselves.







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