Why I’m An Extrovert & Introvert

Usually there’s two groups of people, introverts and extroverts. People tend to define themselves as one of that category.

But have you ever thought, both are just the same..?

Introvert ; noun – a shy, reticent person.

Extrovert ; noun – an outgoing, socially confident person.

Before, I thought I was an introvert. Never had to question myself. I lack in the outgoing spirit. That doesn’t mean I’m not socialable though.

I’m an extrovert, in my introvert mind.  


Yep. That’s exactly what I am. I like spending time alone, but I’m afraid of being alone too. A great company comforts me. But too many company intimidates me. I’m shy but around my close friends, I’m talkative. At odd times, I can be extremely friendly to a stranger, but sometimes my resting face kills.

You can’t put me in a room with strangers and expect me to hit off with them right away. But give me 1 or 2 hang out sessions with them, I’d open up.

Therefore we can’t really put ourselves into an introvert group and an extrovert group.

Whats your ideal indoor activity to do? Whats your ideal outdoor activity to do?

When you’re outdoors, you want to be inside. When you’re indoors, you want to be outside. Right?

It’s really down to how you’re feeling at that moment. Sometimes I’d prefer to sit at a coffee shop with my laptop or book, earphones in. Cancelling all my surroundings.

Sometimes, I’d like to meet a few friends, go for food, watch a movie.

So can you really define yourself as one of the above?







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