The Perfect Boyfriend?

I used to get this question a lot. Usually asked at the wrong time or asked by the wrong people though. This question popped into my head while I was in work. Then I started thinking, If there was a programme for people to find their perfect match, What would I put in.

I feel like appearance isn’t as important to me now. When I was younger, it was obvious that I would prefer a good looking guy, but really, it doesn’t matter how they look – its whats in the inside that counts. (But if I really need to include this, healthy body, tall nose, structure jaw and really chocolate like brown eyes)

For their talents, I would really prefer if they played some sort of instrument. I’m a sucker for guys that know how to play the guitar. I was in the phase where guitar was a must in a guy when I was younger. Even when I walk past buskers in the city now, I would always give it a listen. To me, playing the guitar is a really attractive trait.

Other than that though, guys that aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. A handyman is good to have.

Among appearances and skills, I can’t date a guy that isn’t family oriented (which is why I never go for younger guys. Thats a big no for me. I need to have someone that’s older and more mature) Family is so important and to be honest, if someone isn’t ready to be committed with you then there’s no point in even progressing the relationship. If he’s good with kids, that’s a big bonus.

Those are all traits and such that are bonuses/add ons. They’re not necessities.

To me though, the perfect boyfriend would just be someone that loves me unconditionally.. Someone that can accept me for who I am. Someone that can take care of me when I need the comfort or help, and likewise I would do the same for him. Someone that makes me cry but can make me laugh in the same minute. I don’t mind if he has his own flaws, his imperfections will be something I would accept and love too.

The perfect boyfriend to me, is just someone that genuinely loves me and accepts me.

What about you?

Joey x





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