Hello September | Life update

Can you believe its September already? Lesser daylight, longer nights and colder weather. I’m definitely looking forward to the coming days though.

I’ve a few people asking me if I was okay. I tell them “I’m fine” and I will be. It’s a new month and I’ve challenged myself in starting a fresh new chapter.

I’ve been kept busy with work. Occasionally I’ll have a few days where I’m in a sulky mood.. but that’s normal. I’ve realised what used to be weeks of a sulky mood, has slowly just turned into a day or two a week now. So I’m improving!

On the bright side, It’s only been 4 days into September and I’ve done so many things already. Did a lot of shopping.. I’m renewing my learners permit. Have a Red Mini Cooper or a Grey Volkswagen ready for me to drive and buy any time. My beautiful cousin Jessica moved back to Ireland to study so i’ve been spending time with her. There’s a bartender that is making me heart shaped lattes. Aside from the heartbreak, I’m actually doing pretty well for a normal person.

The past month though, I swear I ate my whole year’s worth of sushi.. Been trying to gain back a few pounds so I can hit the gym. I’ve been saying I’ll join the gym for months now.. We’ll see how that gets on.

I was so blinded with the past few weeks, I never really opened my eyes to my surroundings. Last night, I had my one last cry and I told myself that would be my last time. I’m going to open a new chapter and be the happy girl I was.

Let’s just hope it works!

Happy September everyone 🙂

Joey x





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