50 Facts About Me

Thought i’ll give this a go – Considering I haven’t really spoken about my personal likes and dislikes and such. And it could be quite the list, so I thought I’ll do the ancient 50 facts tag.

  1. Pink is my colour
  2. My favourite month is December
  3. Favourite day of the year is Valentines Day
  4. Born and raised in Ireland
  5. Have an American/Canadian accent
  6. I love sushi
  7. I can live on with just potatoes. Mash, Chips, Baked. Mmm.
  8. “Falling slowly” will be my wedding song
  9. I was born on July 16th 1994, Summer baby
  10. Baymax and Stitch is my spirit animal
  11. I have 3 siblings – I’m the second oldest. Was the middle child for 18 years till my mother had my youngest brother.
  12. Alcohol turns me into a cherry tomato
  13. I enjoy working in retail
  14. I’ve fallen in love twice
  15. I have one dimple, another one slowly forming I think
  16. Lee Donghae will always be my hubster
  17. I have four tattoos, all four is a reminder/symbol for me
  18. I love Love
  19. Paris is my favourite city because its the City of Love
  20. Guys who can play the guitar attracts me
  21. Parents are from Hong Kong
  22. iPhone user
  23. The Sims player
  24. Pizza eater, Steak lover.
  25. I believe in anything you can possibly imagine. Gullible is what they call me.
  26. I want to own a Beagle in the future
  27. When I was 14, I self published a book of short stories with over 300 pages.
  28. I have anxiety that I try hide
  29. I love travelling – going to the airport is my favourite
  30. I enjoy theme parks
  31. I want to learn how to play the keyboard
  32. I don’t know how to swim
  33. I like to play badminton/tennis (no one probably knows this)
  34. I have a phobia of watching underwater scenes, but I enjoy being in the water. Ironic.
  35. My skin is naturally pale, Can’t get tanned even if I wanted to
  36. I’m an introvert
  37. I believe, even bad people deserve to be loved
  38. I think about the future a lot
  39. Family oriented
  40. Music soothes me
  41. Falling in love is easy for me, but falling out of love takes every inch of me
  42. I have 7 piercings
  43. For four to five years, I continuously dyed my hair red. Only changed it to dark last year because of a person
  44. I hate crowded places
  45. I get tipsy with just a small glass of 7up and vodka
  46. I’m an analyser – body language, mood swings, I try understand people from their point of view.
  47. My runners collection is expanding. I don’t run.
  48. I’m about 155cm, about 5′.
  49. One direction is my guilty pleasure
  50. I’m in love

WOW. This was a lot harder than I thought. Who even thought of this tag. Took me a lot longer than I expected to write 50 facts..



5 thoughts on “50 Facts About Me

      1. Yes.. You got that from just 50 facts about me? Thats amazing.. I just had a look at your posts as well.. Definitely something that encourages me, All the best to you too 🙂


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