3 Days, 2 Nights in Rome!

Long time lovelies!

Just a little quick update on what has been happening. I went to Rome last weekend with a friend of mine and I had an amazing time. We managed to see three main landmarks and still got to have a very lazy relaxed break. I was only there for two nights too.

Here’s a few photos from the short trip. Apart from the impulse buys (Sephora visits and a spa day) – I only spent about €100 for the rest of the trip! For food and transport. Although we did most of the travelling by foot.

The hotel we stayed at was “The Piram” Hotel. The location was perfect. It was within 5 minutes walk to/from the Termini Train station which is the main train station in Rome and because its the main train station, it was filled with many stores for shopping too.

That’s pretty much what I did there, visited three landmarks and had a very relaxed break. Will definitely go back again with friends and family though. Maybe during the summer when weather is warmer!

Till next time x





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