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Smart Casual – Interview Looks

The past few weeks I’ve attended a few interviews and assessments. When I was younger, I had no clue what to wear to such events. In fact, I always thought “Ah black everything will do” – then I would always look like I stole my mother’s clothes.

Now, I finally found my style and found what I’m most comfortable in wearing to interviews. It doesn’t have to always be black. Sure black smart pants are always a timeless piece. But you can always switch it up with the top!

Interview One – Group Assessment 

  • Embroided Shirt – Zara, Hong Kong.
  • Black Satin Pants – New Look, Petite Label.
  • Black Pointed Heels – Random Boutique, Hong Kong.

For the makeup, I kept it simple. No crazy eyeshadows, no bold lips. It’s always best to keep your makeup simple. I was opting for a position in an office so for the make up, simplicity was key. However, if you’re going to an interview for a position such as a beauty concession, you can always be adventurous and do a bold makeup look! It really depends on what the job position is for.

(Please excuse my messy room..)

Interview Two – Face to Face Interview 

  • Plain Blue Shirt – H&M.
  • Black Satin Pants – New Look, Petite Label.
  • Blush Pink Pointed Heels – Random Boutique, Hong Kong.

Make up was kept simple again.. Just eyeliner, mascara and a fresh pink lips. This was for my second round interview, So I was more comfortable as I had already met the people already! I had an idea what they wore at the office which was very casual so I opted for coloured heels this time! Breaking the black heels code for interviews. I actually liked this outfit more than the first one because the shoes, although was a small part of it – I chose to wear colour instead of black! That always makes me happy.

With interview attires, you really do need to attend more to get the hang of it. Took me a few years to really get comfortable in what to wear to interviews. Before, I would never want to be seen in the outfits I wore to interviews. I would be wearing uncomfortable shoes and a blazer that didn’t even fit me!

But now, the two outfits I wore above, I would definitely wear it out as a normal day to day basis outfit. Even at my current job, It would count as a normal office working attire.

As long as you feel comfortable in what you wear, thats all it really matters.






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