Two Type Of Men I Don’t Like – Turn Offs

I’m never the type to judge or pin point, pick on traits I don’t like.. However, everyone has pursuers. Some that you know about, and the ones you have no clue about. Recently, I’ve noticed.. two things that two different men have done that I really just don’t like and don’t understand why people even do that.

This is based on two men I’ve encountered that I’m aware have good feelings towards me – When I say encountered, I don’t mean any sexual intimate way. Just by responding back to their messages and receiving messages off them, I noticed what I really don’t like with how they message me or continue a conversation.

Lets put this as “Man #1” and “Man #2” – Bare in mind, its only friendly conversations. I’m aware they want something more but sure how can I when my heart and mind is still occupied with someone else.

Man #1 – Only in it for Lust.

Nothing drives me away more than someone that is just interested for sexual intimacy. You’ll know by the choice of topics they choose for the conversation. They’ll throw you compliments all the time, maybe they mean it, maybe they hope you think they’ll mean it and fall for it. If I tell him the cold heart truth, I would say “Bro, maybe ask me what movies or music I like. Not if I want to go on a beach holiday with you when I’ve only met you once.” These are the type of men that are interested in when they can sleep with you rather than you, as a person.

Man #2 – Attention Seeking.


They think, you like them, that you want them more than anything. When in fact, they’re the ones that are pursuing you… With their constant messages and then the sudden dismissive ones. They’ll message you something, you reply normal, then they’ll suddenly throw you the “Oh sorry I’m busy, talk later.” They enjoy the feeling of dismissing you, so they feel like they’re better.

When the honest truth is, I could care less. The message above was an example. They’d message you suddenly saying they have something to tell you – when the previous conversations were normal, nothing special. They throw you something out of no where. Wanting your attention.

As you can tell with my first reply, I was already fed up. I literally wanted to respond with “I honestly don’t really care. You’re overthinking something that doesn’t have anything going on.” But I didn’t want to hurt their feelings. Men like that really really does my head in. I have nothing against this person, he’s a nice guy. But once again, Can’t we just be friends and not be so awkward.

You know whats the worst part though? That really turns me off. They both know I’m still occupied with my previous relationship. I’m not shy in hiding the fact that I still love him. I will openly even use him as my card to have people get the hint that I’m not ready yet.

If a man truly wants the best for you, and respects you – they can still be kind and friendly without the intentions of getting with you. People need to know that.

If a man still tries with you even when you’ve said your heart is still occupied with someone else – these are the kind of men that only wants you temporarily.


I sound like I only attract the bad ones don’t I? Don’t worry, there’s a genuine nice guy that’s been messaging me. So I’m not only attracting the bad ones 🙂 The ratio is higher for the bad ones though…. (Crazy people attract crazier people! My only theory)

However, like I said though, when you’re heart still has someone in it – no matter how many bad and nice guys pursue you, it doesn’t matter.

PS. If you’re Man #2 and saw the screenshot I put up. I’m sorry. I didn’t think you read my blog. I’ve probably already told you how I felt in response to your messages though.

“Don’t despise me for rejecting you. Admire me for having the heart to love someone truly., He’s just not you.”



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